We are more “worth the effort” than “worth it.”


Executive Creative Director

It is a pencil and paper one. Although it seems a lie, he has not seen Game of Thrones or any other series; it doesn’t have Netflix or HBO… and mobile and data roaming has been downgraded to 3G. With this profile, you will understand why you drink sea water…

Josep M.

Director of Customer Services

He likes to chat more than a creative likes a pencil. From his extensive expertise in marketing and university teaching, he is convinced that effective creativity can be applied to very diverse fields, present and future.


Account Manager / Producer

When the migrane leaves his head, he spends the day organizing, coordinating, solving, budgeting, collecting, paying … but also motivating, encouraging and cheering the lives of his fellow travelers… Oh! And he will never say no to a donut 🙂


Art / Digital Director

Always connected to new trends, accept any challenge no matter how big or complex is the problem. Between projects, he likes to ride the elliptical, enjoy a good series, learn about the blockchain, read a good thriller or discover a new artifact.


Art Director

Halfway between Steve Archibald and Oscar Dalmau, John Wayne today would have been inspired by him to nail “The Quiet Man”. A diesel with hidden blows, one of those that when you least expect it has scored the goal for the whole corner.


Account Executive

The Dreiblau Observatory: not a single detail is lost, the whole sea is x-rayed well. It’s also the TV set chroma, always looking for the best fit. It lives up to its name: it flows with the environment and contributes its grain of sand in each project.

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